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Frequently asked questions...

Where will the session take place?


Most sessions are scheduled outdoors at local parks or on clients' properties. I am based out of North Canton and travel up to 30min from my home for no additional fee. 


When to hold the session?


For outdoor sessions, the best time of day to book is that hour before sunset (or after sunrise), also called the golden hour. These are the times when the sun is lowest in the sky and gives a nice warm glow. Believe it or not, I even prefer a cloudy day for photography over a sunny day with clear blue skies! 


What to Wear?


Typically muted, solid colors work best for photos. Try to avoid real bright colors or clothing with logos (words) or pictures that can be distracting. For families or groups, you might consider coordinating (not matching) color palettes. For smaller children, I suggest not spending a ton on outfits/shoes. My sessions tend to be more relaxed so children can get a little dirty and that's ok! Having fun equals great, genuine smiles! 

When will I receive my photos? 

I usually upload a couple sneak peek photos to Facebook and Instagram within a few days of the session. Most sessions are edited and uploaded to an online password-protected gallery within 2-3 weeks (excluding weddings). 

Can I order prints/products from my gallery?

Yes! You can order professional quality prints and products directly from your gallery that will be shipped to your home. 

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